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Lighting & Video Programming

I am familiar with most lighting consoles found in the wild, however my prefered console is the GrandMA2 lighting control system.



Utilising my own WYSIWYG License running on a powerful Graphics Workstation, I can give you a good Idea on how your show will look like.


UI / UX Design & Consulting

I have vast experience designing UI and UX for products used within the entertainment industry. I also offer consulting services for new products.


Technical Documentation

I do also write Technical Documentation conform to common standards, either in MS Word or Adobe Products, ready for print and publishing.

Denis’ technologisches Verständnis und seine langjähre Erfahrung im Show-Lighting Sektor machen ihn zu einer wertvollen Ressource für die Entwicklung neuer Produkte.

I have worked with Denis on new product development on several projects.
His knowledge, ability to work in a team and design skills have all been of immense value in getting things done smoothly and on time. His skills as a technical writer have also been very impressive.

Working with Denis is the warranty that any unexpected technical challenge gets solved.

some of my previous projects.

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Carrer de Peracamps 9
Piso 4-1
08001 Barcelona


+49 170 965 971 4

Picture Credits

Eurovision '19: Ralph Larmann
Scooter '16: Thomas Rohwedder
Engelmann '18: Jacqueline Fricke
Santiano '18: Markus Wilmsmann